About Us

Welcome to Baby Boomers for those who want to understand more about how Baby Boomers and their parents can maximise their lifestyles, have fun, gain knowledge and make the most of life now and into the future.


Definition of Baby Boomers - born 1946 to 1964.

Our values

  • Passion - Intensity - Fun
  • Excellence - High performance - Make a difference
  • Creativity - creative expression
  • Innovation - pushing boundaries - Cutting edge
  • Integrity - Professionalism - Ethics

Our Vision

'We believe all people should have the opportunity to lead their best life, no matter what their age or capabilities.'


Our Mission
'To foster positive outcomes for both the Baby Boomers and their parents now and into the future.'

'To enable Human Services organisations to develop their systems, people and services to better provide for the needs of the Baby Boomers and their parents.


Babyboomers Pty Ltd was founded by David Stevens in 2000 as a way of continuing his work in researching the needs, challenges and opportunities for Baby Boomers living across the world. David has led large national research projects on social needs, health issues, housing needs, lifestyle aspirations and quality of life indicators for Baby Boomers involving national and international research.

The website is intended as a platform for information and products to help Baby Boomers and their parents.